Particle announces the usefulness of NFT particles from Banksy’s “Love is in the Air” and subsequent fine art acquisitions

Particle, a company with deep roots in the world of art and technology, is proud to announce the utility inherent in its NFT Particles, starting with the first artwork to be particularized, Banksy’s iconic 2005 work. , “Love is in the air .”

Banksy’s iconic 2005 work, “Love is in the Air”, is the first to be detailed (Photo: Business Wire)

The physical paintings, and most of their rights, will be donated to the Particle Foundation, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to preserve, maintain and visit the collection internationally for the exclusive enjoyment of all Particle collectors. The digital ownership of the works, represented by a “collector’s card”, will represent a de minimis, minority property in the painting, and will have no right to the physical painting.

The particles represent both digital ownership and an entrance ticket to participate in the art world at a level historically reserved for a select few. This ticket provides access to both physical spaces and museums, but also digital metaverse spaces and unprecedented governance over humanity’s greatest cultural relics. Particles are your ticket to a movement of like-minded people seeking to own, collect and experience art in a new and revolutionary way.

“We are attempting something completely new by devising a way to physically preserve humanity’s greatest masterpieces, but also to allow a wider population to own digital ownership of these works of art, while benefiting from unprecedented access. to the art world, “said Harold Eytan, CEO of Particle. “I mean greater enjoyment of the works through digital ownership, exclusive in-person international access to the collection and a network of museum partners around the world, access to expert lectures and AMAs (Ask Me Anything), as well as a voice in the governance of the non-profit foundation. This will allow Collectors to participate in key decisions regarding the Foundation’s future. Collectors are buying a “ticket” to participate in the art world like never before “.

“Particle is following in the footsteps of the DAO Constitution in putting humanity’s treasures in the hands of a global community,” said Shingo Lavine, co-founder of Particle. “Digital communities have been shown to exert significant power and influence when they come together for a common cause. We want to empower our community and let them operate at the highest levels in the art world. “

The exclusive Particalization process involves the division of a painting into a 100×100 grid, resulting in 10,000 unique Particles, which are then transformed into NFTs. Each parcel is unique and allows the owner to have a personal ownership experience with the artwork. Particle is splitting “Love is in the Air” into 10,000 particles and sells the particles as NFTs, allowing anyone to own a portion of this iconic work of art.

Parcel owners will have a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to view and view their parcels. All copyrights to the image of the painting itself remain with the artist.

The physical painting of “Love is in the air” will be donated to the Particle Foundation while Particle will also donate 1% of the Particles to the Foundation. Finally, the Foundation will also receive a portion of the royalty proceeds that contribute to this guarantee.

About particle

Particle’s mission is to revolutionize the way people own, collect, experience and appreciate works of art. NFT technology and the unique Particle process allow for the decentralization of the collecting and ownership experience. We are combining the best of art and the blockchain experience to build a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to own some of the world’s greatest masterpieces through collective participation in the art market. Each work acquired by Particle will be included in the Particle Foundation, a non-profit organization that will maintain, exhibit and tour the collection on behalf of the community.

Particle was founded by Loïc Gouzer, former president of Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art, Shingo Lavine and Adam Lavine co-founders of Ethos.io, Philip Eytan co-founder and president of Voyager, and Oscar Salazar, founder of CTO and Chief Architect of Uber. Particle raised $ 15 million in initial funding, including an investment from Voyager Digital (TSX: VOYG, OTCQX: VYGVF, FRA: UCD2), Atrum and other art market and NFT enthusiasts.