WallStreetBets Brings Together Crypto & Art Basel Miami With First-Ever Boomer vs. Zoomer NFT Collection

As the most influential leaders in the art world gather at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, WallStreetBets (WSB) will usher in a new era of artistic expression with its groundbreaking To The Moon event on November 30th. The invite-only experience for WSB Diamond Pass NFT Holders, Wall Street influencers, and art aficionados will feature one-of-a-kind interactive experiences with headline artist Derek Gores and his collaborators Cliffton Chandler, Noah Cook, and Oliv Roe.

Following WSB’s venture into digital collectibles with the launch of its genesis Diamond Hands NFT collection earlier this year, the iconic platform is collaborating with AK Art Consulting & Curating, Inc. (AK Art) to create the experience entitled “Token Mischief: What is Real & What is Art?” From the most traditional art mediums to the most avant garde creations of this digital age, guests will be immersed in an array of art experiences that will delight their senses and fundamentally question their concept of art.

“Our goal is to juxtapose the tangible with the intangible, the real and the virtual, and keep guests guessing: what is real and what is art? With the influx of new crypto-art-world players, we wanted to poke fun around the shift in art collecting to be more transactional and explore the idea of looking at art as mere currency,” said Director of AK Art, Alya Poplawsky.

Expect twists, turns, and artist interactions as some of the most forward-thinking talents engage with the future of blockchain. Follow us down the rabbit hole and spend your tokens wisely. Each featured artist will mint their first-ever NFTs for sale.

Derek Gores is known for his work in collage and mixed media. He recycles magazines, maps, data and more in his lush portraits on canvas. The balance of detail and playfulness in each piece reveals Gores’ knack for discovery and for building seemingly endless puzzles into his works. For “Token Mischief,” Gores goes a step further in blurring the lines of reality by incorporating female models dressed only in paper dresses into his physical artwork created for the event. As the models interact with the guests as living artwork and the guests interact with the physical art, the question becomes: what is real, and what is art?

Cliffton Chandler is a multidisciplinary artist who works in a variety of media including sculpture, digital, mixed media, graffiti, music, poetry, and design. His work is both intellectual and basic, connecting with the viewer on multiple levels. Chandler is fueled by the call to democratize the arts by stripping away the illusion of exclusivity and bringing art to the masses. A true Renaissance artist, Chandler will sell handheld fans (the fancy folding ones that cool you off at the Kentucky Derby) made of artificial fiat. As guests fan themselves with money, they’ll be hit by a breath of fresh air addressing the connection between finance and art.

Noah Cook is a contemporary multimedia artist and muralist. Drawing inspiration from pop art and graffiti, as well as traditional painting, Cook is not afraid to combine styles and media to create work with a fresh style and sense of humor. Although working in the most traditional medium of the artists in the exhibition, be prepared for a modern twist. As guests enter his studio vignette, Cook – who is never seen without a marker – will transform them into living art by using their skin as canvas for his doodles.

Oliv Roe is an illustrator, animator, dancer, and tattoo apprentice. Her imagery strives to capture a cinematic screenshot of the exciting lives of her original characters. Fashion styling, movement, facial expressions, and effortless gestures are of the utmost importance in her aesthetic wheelhouse. Her work is a blend of traditional drawing technique and technology to create digital animations. Roe will be debuting a brand-new work for this event – a series of life-size strippers surrounded by raining crypto that blends the world of finance, the cryptoverse, and the world of art through projected animations.

Kicking off the experience is a live NFT auction hosted by SatoshiStreetBets, enabling guests to purchase NFTs in a traditional “art auction” fashion. Additional highlights of the experience include a keynote speech from WallStreetBets founder, Jaime Rogozinski.

“Our Diamond Pass NFT community is made up of many enthusiasts that are new to the world of visual art, and early to the world of blockchain and DeFi. Art is for everyone and the entire project of decentralization is a miracle for individual expression, so we’re throwing the To The Moon event to unite DeFi, NFTs and their TradFi/non-philistine counterparts to show the world how each elevates the other, on-site at the world-famous Art Basel,” said Jaime Rogozinski, founder of WallStreetBets and strategic partner of the WSBDApp project. “To The Moon is a ceasefire between generations — the boomers can hang their physical pieces on their walls, and the zoomers can flex their collectibles on digital wallets/Discord. It’s the best of both worlds in one amazing place.”

“NFTs are yet another medium for creatives to play with and experiment with reality. Between the timing of Miami Art Week and the opportunity to collaborate with my most mind-bending friends, ‘Token Mischief’ is the perfect venue to debut my first-ever NFT. I can taste the mint,” said headlining artist Derek Gores.

To The Moon is sponsored by SatoshiStreetBets, TAAT, The Planting Hope Company Inc., Element Nutrition Inc., AK Art Consulting & Curating, Inc., and Crystal Carson. To learn more about the event and RSVP, visit https://wsbparties.com/.

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